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About Randy Seitz

Randy Seitz is a licensed architect and contractor. Randy’s love of building and beauty both have their roots in the place he was raised — the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Randy’s dad always had a woodshop and during his teen years Randy started working for building contractors. These experiences were the foundation his love of conceiving, designing and constructing a building.

But Randy also grew up in community that valued education, music and the written word, providing his initial exposure to artistic expression. Traveling and going to museums with his family broadened his experience to include painting, sculpture, drama and, ultimately, architecture.

Living in both rural and urban settings gave Randy an appreciation not just for learned and refined artistry but also the beauty of the vernacular and the lasting delight to be found in the work of skilled craftsman even on the most utilitarian of buildings, furniture and machinery.

Randy returned to the Harrisonburg, Virginia — in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley — after living and working Washington D.C. and Niles, Michigan. Randy loves working in his own woodshop, tackling projects around the house and traveling with his wife, Patsy. Patsy is a teacher, writer, and more recently, an artist working in watercolors.

Randy and Patsy have two sons and two grandchildren.

About Tessa Bennetch

Tessa Bennetch is from Texas. She spent her childhood in Houston and launched into adulthood in Austin. Tessa’s father is an accomplished musician and Tessa has built on his foundation. As a songwriter, pianist and guitar player, Tessa translates stories of people who have not only overcome everyday obstacles, but push through, moved forward and find fulfillment in pursuing their passions. She is a founding member of the band Rikroshi.

To know Tessa is to feel accepted and welcomed. She loves equipping others to be confident and “own” their voice. She has translated these gifts into leading marketing and business development efforts for LDDBlueline – an architecture firm in Harrisonburg, Virginia, Houston, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. Her desire to connect with interesting people and her artistic sensibilities blends well with promoting a design firm.

Her technical abilities and sense of the times are invaluable to the Pen and Shovel enterprise.

Tessa has three children and in her rare free time enjoys visits to the beach, hiking, writing music and adventuring with her family.

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