Blog III: Remembering Why Architecture Matters

I’ve been an architect for over 30 years.  As president of a growing firm, my job long ago stopped being designing and creating. These days its business plans and spreadsheets, HR and IT, selling and mediating. Then along comes Hearth: Memorial to the Enslaved. This memorial at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg,…

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Blog II: Control in Art and Architecture

Over the 34 years I’ve practiced architecture, some friends have commented enviously on the blending of the pragmatic and the artistic in designing buildings. It’s a fair question. Dictonary.com gives several definitions for art. #2 in their list is, “the class of objects subject to aesthetic criteria; work of art collectively, as paints, sculptures or…

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Blog 1: Beauty is the Gateway to Truth

I was born in 1964. Statistically, 1964 is considered the last year for baby boomers to be born. So my life has spanned the evolution from three TV networks to cable and then streaming.  Computers came, then cellphones and, ultimately, they were wed in the smart phone. I’ve mourned the death of printed newspapers and…

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