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X: A Weekend in Miami with Friends: Taking in Art Basel

Longtime friends Lon and Sandy Swartzendruber and Randy and Patsy Seitz spend a great weekend in Miami Beach and...

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The EMU based and student-led a cappella octet, VOXTI, takes us into 2023 with the powerful message of how...

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VIII: Telling Stories with Lead Designer, David Vox Avila

Story teller and lead designer at IBM, David Vox Avila, sits down with us and brings us into his...

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Episode VII: Everyone a Song – Trent Wagler of The Steel Wheels

Trent Wagler, founding member of The Steel Wheels and Red Wing Roots Music Festival shares his road to becoming...

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Episode VI: Making the Unknown, Known – Burt Pinnock, FAIA & Will Sendor, Senior Designer

In 2018 architect Will Sendor entered a design competition to design a memorial those were enslaved by The College...

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Episode V: We’re All Winging It: A Conversation with Dr. Jenny Rosier

Dr. Jenny Rosier has built a career telling stories and teaching about relationships. Dr. Rosier talks about her latest...

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Episode IV: The Making of The Builder with Directors Ryan Lauterio & Nick Seitz

Don, a contractor in Richmond, VA does work for area artists and starts a journey that leads to a...

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Episode III: A Conversation with President of Aztec Contractors, Frank Spencer III

In 2004 Frank Spencer purchased a dormant construction company – Aztec Contractor ( ). Frank shares his experience...

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