Episode II: HDR – In Your Corner: A Conversation with Executive Director Andrea Dono

In the changing landscape of small town retail and business, Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance’s Bricks and Clicks program (https://downtownharrisonburg.org/bricksandclicks/ ), helps small businesses thrive. Started in 2016, this innovative program has grown helped many businesses survive the Covid pandemic. Now the helping merchants and restauranters navigate inflation, rising costs and a tight labor market and created a new spin off B-Cubed (https://downtownharrisonburg.org/black-and-brown-owned-businesses-in-downtown-harrisonburg/ )

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Blog 1: Beauty is the Gateway to Truth

I was born in 1964. Statistically, 1964 is considered the last year for baby boomers to be born. So my life has spanned the evolution from three TV networks to cable and then streaming.  Computers came, then cellphones and, ultimately, they were wed in the smart phone. I’ve mourned the death of printed newspapers and…

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